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Volumetric Filler - Vertical (100-5000 ml) - Pneumatic

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Air Driven Piston Filling Machines - Vertical 

These Fully Pneumatic Volumetric Piston Fillers are constructed with food-grade materials. They can be easily placed anywhere without the need of special settings or arrangements. The machine is self-priming and the product is pulled from a source container placed below the unit as well as from a storage container with no extra pump and no option for a hopper.

Any type of container can be filled with low to medium viscosity products and without solid particulates in suspension. 
These machines are recommended for filling plastic jugs, PET bottles, paper cartons, cans with edible oil, and the new paper wine bottles, plus many others. Nozzle sizes can be changed to accommodate for different product types (needs to be communicated before purchase). Additionally, the machine can be outfitted with larger or smaller pistons to meet the needs of your specific product. 

This machine is suited with No Drip Nozzles. This innovative design & engineering eliminates spillage and waste of expensive and valuable products. Additionally, piston size can be upgraded to a larger or smaller size to accommodate for larger/smaller applications. 

The filling volume goes from 250 to 5000 ml or from 100 to 2000 ml (and differentiated in the item number with a 2 or 5). Excellent performance also with chemical products, such as cleansers, shampoos and liquid soaps. All machine components in contact with filling products can withstand the attack of even aggressive chemical substances.

The machine comes on an AISI 304 wheeled frame. We produce the single (listed here), or twin head/piston version (call for info) with PMMA food grade plastic or AISI stainless steel cylinders (distinguished in the item number with a P or S respectively). Different kinds of filling nozzles can be installed depending on the requirement.

  • Fully Pneumatic
    • No electronics to short out during operation or cleaning
    • Explosion Proof for combustible products (Stainless Steel Cylinder Only)
  • Two sizes: 250-5000ml and 100-2000ml
  • Adjustable Fill Speeds & Volume
  • PMMA food grade Methacrylate (Acrylic Glass) or 316 Stainless cylinders
  • Use Stainless for aggressive chemicals, higher than 20% alcohol or hot packed products over 50 Celsius
  • Capable Liquid Viscosity: Up to 2000 CPS (similar to Olive or Cooking Oil)
  • Equipped with 3-Way Vertical / No-Drip Nozzle Combo Valve - Will be sized for your product and container
  • Diving head option for foaming products
  • AISI 316 stainless steel construction
  • Pistons:
    • Teflon with PMMI Cylinder
    • Stainless with Stainless Cylinder
    • 2x O-Rings & Guide
    • No nuts, blots or washers at top of piston to corrode or contaminate
  • Stock with Silicone Gaskets and O-Rings - Viton/FKM Gaskets and O-Rings available upon request
  • Wheeled cart for easy movement
  • Includes a cleaning cycle
  • Aspirates/Fills pulling product directly from your source container.  Currently no Hopper for filling available.
  • Fills up to 500bph at 250ml doses (dependent on operator, container, and product)
  • Certified for food production
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Italy
Options (Call for details):
  • Piston Size: Larger or Smaller sizes available for larger/smaller applications
  • Customer can change the nozzle size (if requested)
  • Dual cylinders and nozzles
  • Diving nozzles for foamy products
This vertical piston filler is best suited for precision filling of light viscous and non-viscous products.  For more viscous and food products see our Doselite Fillers. Call for information and pricing on dual cylinder/dual filler options

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